We provide Person Centred Planning and follow up with intensive inclusion support over a 12-week programme for disabled young people in Nottingham/Nottinghamshire and across other parts of the UK.

What We Do

  • Pursuing the dreams and goals of the individual 

  • Improving social skills

  • Being comfortable in social environments

  • Developing conversational skills

  • Having a positive mindset

  • Staying physically active

  • Building relationships

  • Help in meeting new people

  • Create natural circles of support

  • Creating a community circle

  • Creating business links

  • Help with budgeting

  • Having positive body language

  • Employment of support staff

  • Pursuing personal interests 


The Inclusion Facilitator (IF)’s aims will be to improve all aspects of the focus person’s life and their recruitment will reflect this breadth. The focus of the work could be:


Close matching by age, culture, sexuality and gender will support this work. Relevant experiences and personal qualities more than qualifications will guide recruitment of IFs. 


This work will not be undertaken by professionals too immersed in ‘medical model’ traditional approaches to meeting special needs.


The work is inclusive and person centred and requires confidence, energy and drive in the overcoming of resistance to change from a range of sources including the young person, their family and carers and professional agencies involved in their life.


Our Team

Meet our 4 directors

Louis Newton

Lead expert Inclusion Facilitator Louis specialises in helping young people in a bad place get out of their bedrooms and start living a good life!

Louis has a lot of experience as an IF and is also a proficient Person Centred Planning Facilitator. 

Colin Newton

Expert Educational Psychologist with over 30 years of experience. Colin an Inclusion expert and is one of the supervising Psychologists supporting our IF's.

Colin pioneered the use of Person Centred Planning the UK and is well known in the Inclusion world.

Elliot Newton

Lead expert Inclusion Facilitator Elliot is a qualified Psychologist with experience in Person Centred Planning and Inclusion Facilitation, the main focus of his work has been supporting the creation of friendships for Autistic people. 

Tara Flood

Tara is one of the leading voices in the UK Inclusion movement and was the CEO of the Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE) for a number of years. She has been in discussions with the United Nations on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and is vital to A Place In The World as a Director and an Administrator.

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