Step 1


Preparation for young person, family, carers regarding challenge to current arrangements and seeking commitment for what will follow.


Step 2

PATH / MAP for vulnerable child / young person 


Step 3

Child / Young Person is offered support commitment for 1 year.

12 weeks of weekly support by Inclusion Facilitator, supervised weekly to pursue content of PATH / MAP, and achieve initial steps towards goals and dreams. 


Inclusion Facilitation aims to:


1. To create a better life for the Individual in line with their person centred plan (PATH).


2. Give Individual and family a clear vision of a good life and to support first steps towards this 


3. To maximise individual’s inclusion and connection with the wider community.


4. To help with friendship, social connection and education


5. To increase confidence, social skills and presence in their local community and to pursue goals and dreams.


6. Building team of natural supports


Step 4

​Over the course of the initial 12 week a member of the Local Authority planning circle (if relevant) will be identified to oversee the work and touch base with the young person on an agreed basis. 


Step 5

​At 12 weeks, a review is held – a MAP process is a possibility at this stage to plan future support and facilitation. If required a limited further amount of IF sessions may be indicated.


Step 6

Handover from IF to local supports – which may include:family, carers, PAs, educators and so on


Step 7

This is then ideally followed by 4 x half termly face support sessions over the remainder of the year to empower the young person, review progress and problem solve - facilitated by local workers and a local Disabled Persons Organisation 

Louis Newton 

Inclusion Facilitator 



Our Team of Inclusion Facilitators use Person Centred Planning to learn more about the hopes and dreams of the people we support. 

We then use this new knowledge of your 'dream life' to research the local community and find places and people who you may be able to connect with through similar interests. 


Inclusion Facilitators open doors to new people, putting you in the ideal environments to make organic, natural friendships, setting you up for success.

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