The Care Act 2014 introduced new functions on councils to focus on promoting wellbeing by offering Personal Budgets. A Personal Budget is an agreed amount of money that is allocated to a Disabled person or the family of a Disabled child or young person by a local council (and other funding streams) following an assessment of the individual care and support needs. 


A Personal Budget gives a Disabled person or the family of a Disabled child or young person choice and control, in other words the individual/family controls the money for the support they need.

Personal Budgets are a route to achieving independent living based on the social model of disability. It can assist Disabled people to live an active life and feel more included in society.


Personal Budgets allow the Disabled person/family of Disabled child or young person to take all or some of a Personal Budget in the form of direct payments. If you opt for direct payments – your local council pays some or all of your entire Personal Budget funding into your bank account or a separate bank account held by a person (e.g. third agent, support broker) nominated by you. You utilize direct payments to buy your own support.


We think that a Personal Budget, either as a direct payment or as a managed Personal Budget, could be used to fund access to Inclusion Facilitation (IF) because it’s an approach that facilitates the inclusion and participation of a Disabled child or young person who is experiencing difficulties in the world because of the barriers they experience. 


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